Why Breakwater?

A pop of color in a sea of navy suits.

We bring you deep experience and insight, smart ideas, the latest technology and tremendous enthusiasm and commitment to keep your business efficient and growing.

We deal with the details, so you can focus on the big picture.
A back office with the right technology, fully optimized.
Rest assured, we’ll minimize risk, maximize accuracy.
Analyzing the present to plan for your future.

Breathe Easier.

Having Breakwater on your team is like having a strategic advisor, controller, accountant and bookkeeper at your side at all times.  We analyze your numbers, streamline your operations, handle your paperwork, and help guide your decisions.

PPP Part Deuce

Your Breakwater team is always here to help keep you informed, as of January 15, 2021 here is what we know and you need to know!

Fear vs Hope

We really have two choices as we anticipate the future – fear or hope.  Which are you choosing?  With so many unknowns remaining after a volatile year that generated much fear in all of us, we have the option to lean another way, a braver way, a more vulnerable way, towards hope.  Fear or hope?Continue reading “Fear vs Hope”

Wrapping Up 2020

Well the holiday season is upon us and so too is the end of calendar year 2020!  2020 was certainly a year that presented businesses with many challenges, yet with that came the opportunity to think creatively and to explore new and different ways of adapting with the hope of sustaining revenue inflows, protecting valuableContinue reading “Wrapping Up 2020”