Why Breakwater?

A pop of color in a sea of navy suits.

We bring you deep experience and insight, smart ideas, the latest technology and tremendous enthusiasm and commitment to keep your business efficient and growing.

We deal with the details, so you can focus on the big picture.
A back office with the right technology, fully optimized.
Rest assured, we’ll minimize risk, maximize accuracy.
Analyzing the present to plan for your future.

Breathe Easier.

Having Breakwater on your team is like having a strategic advisor, controller, accountant and bookkeeper at your side at all times.  We analyze your numbers, streamline your operations, handle your paperwork, and help guide your decisions.

New Year, New Books!

As we jump into a new year, it may be a good time to not only examine your personal health but also your business’.  In doing this, it would be a good time to do a review of current accounting processes and procedures in place for any toning needed for the new year. We haveContinue reading “New Year, New Books!”

Your financial statements are trying to tell you something! Do you speak their language?

I grew up in Quebec so my first language is French. (You might not know that since I have no accent at all.) Though we’ve been married more than 15 years, my husband still doesn’t understand what I’m saying when I speak French to our boys (even when we’re talking about him). He’s missing outContinue reading “Your financial statements are trying to tell you something! Do you speak their language?”

The Fall Wave Is In!

This year is cruising by and Breakwater has been up to a lot. Check out our third quarter newsletter to see what has been happening and what we are looking forward to! Breakwater’s 3rd Quarter 2021 Newsletter