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a barrier built out into a body of water to protect a coast or harbor from the force of waves.

Every enterprise has its ups and downs. Surges of opportunity that can tap your cash reserves, undercurrents of revenue woes, ripples of uncertainty around taxes. Breakwater is here to shield small to medium-size business owners and nonprofit executives from mistakes that come with growth, help them avoid the tidal waves of paperwork that slow them down, and protect their futures.

Our Philosophy Great people first, technology-forward thinking second–with just the right combination.

Our Approach Highly personalized and built on trust.  We become a welcome extension of your team, communicating and taking responsibility like one of your own.

Our Style We’re genuine, we’re upbeat and we’re 100% professional.

Our History After years in the corporate world starting at DuPont, Lee Podolsky took time for family and for launching her business: streamlining back offices of start-ups, handling accounting for small companies, and bookkeeping for independent consultants.  She also volunteered in finance and event planning for various nonprofits.  In 2014 she brought it all together and launched Breakwater Accounting + Advisory Corp. to bring clients an unparalleled level of individual service and insight.

Nice to meet you!

Looking for a dream team?  You’ve come to the right place.  At Breakwater, we have staff members who honestly know just about all there is to know about accounting technology, industry-specific financial challenges, and client service.  And if we don’t know, we find out. We’re relationship driven, with a deep bench so you’ll be matched with a team that has just the right personality and expertise to impact your business.

“Breakwater always has thought about things I haven’t thought about. They have a joy for what they do, and they really make a difference for our team”

Kurt Foreman, CEO

Delaware Prosperity Partnership