Treasurers and Finance Committee Members – Are you getting what you need to be a valuable board member?

The definition of the role of a treasurer or finance committee member includes key themes like “general financial oversight”, fundraising, financial planning, budgeting, monitoring, and strategic planning. It is your job to be a partner to the Executive Director/CEO and help take the organization to the next level. The organization is relying on you forContinue reading “Treasurers and Finance Committee Members – Are you getting what you need to be a valuable board member?”

Spring Clean Your Company’s Financial House

The birds are nesting, the flowers are blooming and hopefully your profits are soaring as high as those kites flying in the sky.   We have some spring-cleaning financial tips to get your business financial house in order! Pare Down The Paper Crinkled receipts in your wallet?  Filing cabinets overflowing with papers?  Paper clutter can beContinue reading “Spring Clean Your Company’s Financial House”

One Year Later: Workflows have never had an opportunity to look better!

In a year of uncertainty, there is one thing we can be sure about: your business’s workflows are never going to look the same. The COVID-19 pandemic thrust many companies into the world of cloud-based technology and showed us the need to be flexible, adaptable, and proactive. 

Talent + Tech = a match made in heaven

As we mark nearly a full year since COVID became reality and #teambreakwater started working primarily from home, we’re reflecting on the many changes we’ve encountered over the last 12 months. Almost overnight we shifted from mainly a collaborative, lively, office-based environment to sitting at kitchen tables with laptops making sure our clients knew theyContinue reading “Talent + Tech = a match made in heaven”

Plunging into 2021 with Lee Podolsky

We have all been focused on getting out of 2020, and here we are in a new year with continued news sensationalism and a wealth of unknowns. No one is immune to the mental and emotional impact of the global pandemic. The sustained feeling of worry and despair is draining. There have been a lotContinue reading “Plunging into 2021 with Lee Podolsky”