Outsourced Strategic Planning

Outsourced Strategic Planning

Breakwater’s team knows just how crucial effective strategic planning is to the success of your small to medium sized business or non-profit organization. We know the steps in strategic planning that will give you the action plan to accomplish your long term goals.

What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning is when an organization’s leaders come together to pinpoint their vision for the organization and identify goals and objectives. It involves creating the roadmap to achieving those goals and objectives so that the organization can attain its vision.

  • Taking time to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that stand in your way
  • Creating a strategy map to capitalize on your strengths and opportunities and mitigate your weaknesses and threats.
  • Ensuring that your mission and vision statement tie in with your strategic goals
  • Making sure your strategy execution is going to accomplish all of the above objectives

Breakwater’s team can assist you with the strategic planning process and help create your strategic frameworks that will not only give you competitive advantages but also a long term strategy. Strategic management of your data and reporting helps us dial into your organizational goals to help you adapt to the current business environment.

“From the minute I opened my small business 9 years ago I knew I made the right choice. The talented women of Breakwater offered valuable insight and guidance from initial setup to current day. Accounting is not my greatest strength so when I’ve had questions (and I’ve had a few!) they never made me feel incompetent. They are professional, responsive, and literally a joy to work with. Don’t look any further. You won’t be disappointed.”

– Heather Robitzer

Why is Breakwater’s Outsourced Strategic Planning Different?

Our outsourced strategic planning is different from other companies because your Breakwater team is just that, a team! When you outsource your small to medium sized business or non-profit organization’s accounting, controller, and finance services with us you get a well-rounded, deep bench of experts in all areas you need. We work together to troubleshoot and make sure what is going into your finances is timely and accurate so that your strategic planning can be most effective. It is a fruitless exercise to strategy plan and make goals when you don’t have the data or insight to support those plans and goals. Your Breakwater team comes together to help see around the curves ahead. We know how your team works and performs. We also understand your strengths and what makes your small to medium sized business or non-profiit organization a valuable asset. We can pick out holes in your operations and help smooth out your processes to avoid them.

Contact Breakwater for Comprehensive Outsourced Strategic Planning

When you outsource your strategic planning with Breakwater you get a cohesive team that sees all aspects of your finances and will strive to make your financial processes accurate and efficient so strategic goals are no longer words on a plan document, but rather attainable with a very clear strategy map to guide you there.