Meet Stephanie, she sets the barre pretty high

Stephanie Boothman, Account Manager, joined breakwater in August 2018. Stephanie has over five years of experience in small business accounting, across a wide array of clients. Stephanie’s primary career focus has been in the manufactured consumer goods industry, where she spent the last four years of her career.

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From client to team member, the journey of Doug

In 2006 I was elected the volunteer Treasurer of New Castle Presbytery, which is a faith-based collection of 55 churches throughout Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It’s a fairly complicated financial system with money flowing in from churches and individuals and then out to specific causes or entities. In additon, we managed a trust that dispersed over $700,000- each year in grants to the community.

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The team that trains together stay together

When you hire Breakwater Accounting + Advisory to handle your company’s accounting you are guaranteed to get a Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor. As part of our team’s mandatory training we learn all the ins and outs of Quickbooks so that we can serve our clients with accuracy and knowledge. Knowing all that our accounting software has to offer helps us reduce the time spent and cut costs for our clients as well as provide detailed reporting and recommendations on how to best grow their business and manage their time and money.

Interns save lives!

We have had Sally and Margeaux assisting #teambreakwater all summer. They have cured going on vacation anxieties by learning the ins and outs of our wide variety of clients, helped with errands that seemed more demanding in the summer crunch, and brought a lot of personal touches and new ideas to the office. We will miss them dearly when they head back to school and are happy they gained experience and knowledge while saving lives!

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