Welcoming a New Era of Growth

Volunteers Packing Food

The Welcoming Center

Welcoming a New Era of Growth


This nonprofit organization was steadily growing, but their staff lacked the capacity and the systems to keep pace, let alone to get ahead. Special challenges included staying up-to-date with government paperwork and preparing annual budgets.


Breakwater revamped The Welcoming Center’s accounts payable, payroll and expense tracking systems with a variety of integrated software solutions, eliminating about 8 hours of administrative time every week. With increased capacity, the organization was able to expedite government grant invoicing and management reporting.

Budgeting has also been overhauled to align with services. Now, program leaders are involved and accountable for their budgets and funding requests to grantors are more specific.


The organization has become more focused, has strengthened their financial position, and has amplified its impact. It continues to improve, build capacity, strengthen partnerships with key government entities and increase donor support year over year.

“Breakwater understands our mission, our values and how we operate. They offer so much more than financial advice and accountability. They have changed entire systems, provided strategic thinking about how we can be better stewards of our money and even helped address HR and culture issues.”

Peter Gonzales

President and CEO